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Do These Symptoms Sound Familiar?

Released from the hospital last night for flare-up (bleeding, 10x+ daily diarrhea, painful cramping) all doctors could find on colonoscopy was Ulcerative Proctitis potentially changing diagnosis from Crohn's. However, no MRE or imaging was done of the small bowel at this time. Started me on 40mg of steroids with a follow up appointment in one week.

For most of the day I have been fine eating small portions on soft / low residue diet. Tonight after eating a small portion of grilled chicken and baked potato (no skin or butter) I have severe cramping and pain onset 20 minutes after eating then followed by diarrhea. After the diarrhea the severe cramping was mostly relieved and feels like a sore muscle now. This seems to be my pattern after eating and occurring more frequently.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? If so, where has your disease been most active (upper or lower small bowel, sigmoid colon, etc.)?
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1. Did they test for c.diff?
2. How long have you been on the Canasa suppositories?
3. Was the bleeding bright red or dark?
4. Were you originally diagnosed with Crohn's Colitis? Ileocolitis? Ileitis?
5. Are you sure they did a full colonoscopy in the ER and not a sigmoidoscopy?
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whyclef- to me, untrained of course, it does sound like it 'could be' Crohn's symptoms- one thing I want to mention about your post though is that I learned was limit intake of 'nightshades' such as potatos- acids are also a no-no such as tomatos, vinegars dill pickles etc- they tend to aggravate my muscle weakness/burning- also try eating a little softer blander foods for a bit see how it goes- One thought- You 'might' also have ulcers- but the pain would be mostly in stomach area if it was ulcers- I don't think it would cause cramping pains htough- just a thought though- if your cramping/pain is more towards your stomach, then you should definitely mention this to docs and schedule an upper GI test - especially where they said your diagnosis could be changed to crohn's at some point- (Make sure you ask them to completely knock you out- some docs only make you drowsy, and the scope can cause folks like me to panic and yank the scope out- some folks htough have no issues with it- but personally I want to be completely knocked out)

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