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Crohns???? hmmmm


I had a routine colonoscopy a month ago (follow up after 5 years) doc found one small polyp (removed and benign) and a small "apthous ulcer" in my ileum. The biopsy of the ulcer came back as "non=crohns". However based on this ulcer and some lower right quadrand pain (low level comes and goes). Doc has decided I have crohns disease and has prescribed pentasa.

I have no other symptoms of CD. No other pain, diahreah, weight loss (im actually over weight). I am 52 years old. I will be having a CT scan next week.

I just don't think i have it (or im paddling up de nile). What other tests should I get done? I will seeing my GP doc and looking for a second opinion......hope to find a local but very good GI doc for 2nd opinion.

Input and advice please!!
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Well I'm glad your doctor at least takes it seriously, many who have IBD often struggle for a proper diagnosis from doctors who have no clue.

I think it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion. The good thing is Pentasa is relatively safe for IBD drugs but creating you don't want it if you don't need it.
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Hi and welcome.
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A pill camera is a good test. It can show the parts of the intestines that the colonoscopy can't get to. Could show other ulcers along the way.
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I agree that Pentasa is a pretty benign drug. Could be that your Dr is overreacting or could be that he caught Crohns at an early stage. Believe me, it's better to get it under control at an earlier stage than a later one.

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