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Burning Muscle Pain and Weakness

I would like to know if others with Crohn's have similar issues as the following- I get what I can only describe as a 'burning pain' in my muslces whenever there is tension in them like holding arms up to type this- in my neck which I have to often rest my head to relieve the tension/burning pain

It is a burning pain like when you over excursive and you get that 'lactic acid burn'- that is exactly what it feels like- and it comes on very quickly, like within a minute or two of typing, or raking leaves, or even walking or whatever- and it is intense enough that I have to stop what I am doing and rest the muscles till the burning pain subsides- then I can continue for a bit longer but it always comes back fairly rapidly- Some days are better than others inthat I can go longer before the pain sets in- for instance, some days I can hike about a 1/4 mile at a slow pace before the burning pain starts, while other days I can only go like 100 yards or so. I have noticed that if I eat anything acidic like tomatoes or vinegar the day before, the burning pain will be worse the next day for some reason-

all my bloodwork looks in normal ranges for everything- the worst pains are in my calves, forearms, and especially the neck and shoulders. I've been to one doc after another, and some suggest firbromyalgia, however, I don't have even a single trigger point (you need like 11 trigger points out of 18 or so to be diagnosed with fibro- I don't even have one tender trigger point)

I've been tested for neurological problems, arthritis, thyroid, parathyroid- practically everything known that could cause such symptoms, but nothing proves out to be the cause-

Is it just the Crohn's causing this? The muscle weakness is bad enough to deal with, but when you throw in this awful burning pain on top- it's almost unbearable- To me it almost seems like the muscles quickly run out of fuel, and build up with lactic acid unnaturally quick- but I've been tested for acid problems (can't remember the name right now) but not found to have it-
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I have the same thing (as we speak my neck and shoulders are burning terribly). I assume it is linked to both my arthritis and Fibromyalgia. More so the FM in my opinion. It is unbearable! I hope you get an answer soon. For now, try Tiger Balm and my favorite.....Salon Paas PATCHES not the gel or spray.
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Thank You 4peace- I've had a couple of docs suggest that the pain is from fibro- but I'm baffled as to how they can suggest it when I don't have the tender points usually associated with fibro- I don 't even have one tender point- but yet it does act like what I think fibro would act like from what I read about it-

I do use lidocaine patches because I'm always pulling the muscles in my neck because of this constant tension and pain when the burning happens- but it doesn't give much relief- it helps with the pulled muscle, but not so much with the burning pain-

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