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View Poll Results: Were you fed formula as a child?
Formula from birth 6 30.00%
Breast fed from birth 14 70.00%
Voters: 20. You may not vote on this poll

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Baby Formula or Breast Fed?

Hello everyone, The reason I ask this is because I am curious as to how many people with Crohn's also had baby formula, or any cow milk at all from a young age.

In particular, I'm curious about beta casomorphin 7 (BCM7), as it it present in the milk supply of every milk producing country; and might be a risk factor in Crohn's and UC.

I found a small article which might strike someones interest:

If anyone has more information, improvements to the poll or criticisms, I would love to hear feedback.

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Thanks for posting such an interesting question.

I had cows milk, i also have crohn's. All my children were breastfed, daughter suffered with IBS for a time in her 20s.

A great doco is The Secret Life of Breasts.

Breast Milk May be Protective Against Devastating Intestinal Disorder

Growth factor found in breast milk may be protective against devastating intestinal disorder of newborn infants

Released: 5-Sep-2014 7:00 AM EDT
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I was exclusively breast fed for 6 mo. But my family has lots of GI problems. Maternal grandmother with Crohn's..... dad's sister with crohns.... Aunts with UC and diverticulitis
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I was breastfed until age 2 according to my mom. She thinks that my Crohn's may somehow be linked to complications of the e.coli bacteria that I got about the time that she stopped breast feeding me. I ended up with hemolytic uremic syndrome. My right kidney failed and my right lung collapsed. I was in a hospital for about 2 months for dialysis and had to have an NG tube almost the entire time I was there.
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Crohns here and was breastfed. I think until a 1 1/2 but would need to ask.
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I selected formula but i think i actually got like 6 weeks before i went on formula. Id ask mom but she died 4 years ago.. My kids were both breastfed. We dont have any KNOWN IBD (tho my dad is a weird one in that he had gastric, peptic, AND duodenal ulcers which confuses the doctors since apparently most people dont have all three kinds) and lots of other weird "gut issues" including one of my nieces being born with some of her guts outside, my sister says our family just has weird guts lol.
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