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Night time travels

Writing this while sat on throne after having gone to bed over 4 hours ago as absolutely worn out. Still not dropped off to sleep and this is my 6th visit.
How often does everyone else find themselves making the journey through the night?
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Sadly many of us have or almost fallen asleep on the toilet many times. Make sure you stay hydrated with electrolytes and water. Are you being treated? Speak to your doctor because it's not good that you keep running.
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Some nights I barely make it to the bathroom and then wear a path going back and forth. Worst part of this disease. The past two nights I've slept through and feel great. Never know what brings on the night poops.
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My problem seems to be caused by a combination of no longer having a colon or rectum but just a j pouch made from tail of small intestine so everything comes out little and often. Also, as I am due surgery soon I am desperately trying to increase my bodyweight so eat as much as I can all through the day and right up until bedtime.
In a strange way I have the benefit of enterocutaneous fistula so at least I save a trip or two by what is draining from abdomen.

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