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The things I have to go through to be me

This afternoon, I decided to cook a frozen pizza, it tasted like crap, but anyways. That's not the point of this post.Just a reminder, i don't have any feeling in my abdomen. Later on, I happened to look down at my abdomen when I was changing my cloths and saw a huge welt. I burnt the crap out of my abdomen and had no idea. Does anyone realize how scary that is? What if I used the burner instead of the oven? I could of caught on fire and not realized until severe damage had been done. I'm terrified to cook ever again. Luckily the burn I have now isn't bad, about 2 inches wide. But my stomach is literally right under that part of my skin. I could of really hurt myself!
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That must have been scary.

Can you get some sort of protective apron for cooking?
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Aww that really sucks. Not nearly to the same extent as you but one day I woke up and noticed a scar about 1.5 inches long right over my spine mid back. I had no clue how it got there and days later I figured out it was likely from my electric blanket. I felt absolutely nothing, scary knowing I burned myself without even feeling it. I feel for you it is really scary.
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