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Feeling better

I figured this is the place to brag and share. Nobody else gets how exciting this is. I am feeling better!! For the past 2-3 days, I have had minimal to no pain and near normal bowel movements! My pain is kind of two fold. I get abdominal cramping and pain just randomly. This pain usually sends me running to the potty. I also get specific broken glass type pain in the upper right quadrent of my abdomen with bowel movements. The broken glass pain has been there for about a year and is what sent me to the doctor for a diagnosis. The random crampy pain came on when I started getting really symptomatic with diarrhea and loose stools. The random crampy pain has been fading, getting better daily, kind of slowly. But the broken glass pain is just there. Wont budge. My GI said he wasnt sure that pain would go away or improve, he was afraid it might be scar tissue. But the broken glass pain has been getting less and less. Then, for the past few days, normal normal normal! I am on entocort 3mg 3 capsules in the AM, and Imuran 100 mg daily at bedtime. I also have started a probiotic the last few weeks. It's the Garden of Life one. I still have low energy, fatigue, iritis, and back pain, but these things are getting less and less too. Cross your fingers that it keeps improving. Yay!!! (BTW, I'm a Crohnie)
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That's great news. We know how exciting it is for you!
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Hey!! So glad to hear you're feeling better!! I've also been feeling great since I am currently on prednisone which seems to work for me...I have to ask you though...I'm starting Imuran on Saturday (that's the best day for me to remember to taper up) and I see that you say you're taking at night...any reason for that - is it because it causes fatigue? I'd rather take all meds in the morning and get it over with but I do worry about fatigue affecting my days. Any side effects yet from the Imuran - might be too soon to say...thanks a lot
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I chose night because of the fatigue side effect. Also my doc warned me about nausea. I figured I could sleep through the worst of it. My first night I took it on an empty stomach and it made me nauseated. The next night I had a bedtime snack before I took the imuran and I was fine. I had no more nausea issues. I have so many strikes against me on the fatigue issue, I didn't wanna fight more fatigue. Been fighting low vitamin d for a few years, recently diagnosed with Crohn's, history of hashimotos, then thyroid cancer. Sick of feeling tired.

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