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Adhesion pain????

Is it possible for adhesions to cause me pain 8 years after abdomanal surgery?
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Hi Andy1982, I've moved your thread from Your Story to General IBD Discussion. We've sent you several private messages but you haven't responded to any of them so I have to stay this to you here - please, don't start any further new threads in Your Story. Your Story is a section of the forum primarily for people's introductory posts - anything else besides introducing yourself should go into other sections of the forum (General, Support, etc). Please acquaint yourself with the other sections of the forum and start new threads in the section that seems appropriate. Again, I'm sorry to have to say this in-thread to you like this, but you apparently have not read nor responded to any of the private messages the forum staff have sent you. Please let me know if you have any questions about the forum. Thanks!

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