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Getting infections

I'm curious to know if being on infliximab is worse than being on humira with regards to it lowering your immunity to infections?

I don't tend to get many infections, usually just a sore throat and things, but I always get really bad cold sores. They literally cover my entire mouth.

The thing is I work in a doctors surgery on reception so have to deal with sick people every day and this worries me. If infliximab makes your immune system really bad will I end up getting everything going? Am I going to have to stay indoors for a while? Its all really confusing and a little bit scary!
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I've just started Remicade. I bought a small hand sanitizer. The nurse said to wash my hands frequently and use the sanitizer. She also said use Lysol (or other brand) wipes on door knobs, phones, light switches, etc. I don't think remicade is any different than humira.

I've got no intention of isolating myself from life.
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I've been on Remicade for about 10 years. I'm in the healthcare field, so exposed to all kinds of stuff. I've had no problems.
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I have gotten as many infections while on Humira as I got when on remicade. FWIW

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