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Storage of Humira

Hi there,

I store my humira pens in the original boxes on the middle shelf at the back of my fridge. In front of that I have some glass milk bottles to act as a barrier to temperature fluctuations caused by the fridge door opening and have a thermometer which has a wire that sucks to the glass shelf that it is placed on. The thermometer display is displayed on the outside of the fridge and alerts me if the temperature goes outside of the 2-8 degrees.

I had only left the door open 10 seconds to access groceries and then shut it. The alarm went off and it displayed 9degrees and took 10minutes before reaching 8.3degrees celcius. It usually gets to below 8 degrees celcius within 5 minutes and so don't get worried. But this time it took longer and I had to put some ice packs around the cartons just to get it there quicker .

I then immediately placed some ice packs around the boxes, after which the temperature then within a minute or 2, got to below the 8 degrees celcius but above 5 degrees.

I know that from reading the leaflet you can use a pen up to 14 days if kep at room temperature but what about if I need it to last beyond that and if I have kept it near to the 2-8 degrees celcluis Is the medicine still safe to use beyond two weeks?

I am hoping that because my Humira pens are placed in the boxes as well at the back of the fridge and with glass milk bottles stored in front of that, the inside temperature of the Pens in the boxes may still have maintained a 2-8 degree temperature, and so be safe to use beyond 2 weeks.

Please advise as I am very anxious.


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If you have questions about storage you can call my humira...
They will answer all your questions.
Fwiw DS has been on it for over a year.
Nothing fancy for storage I just take it out of the packing carton and place the box in the middle shelf of the fridge.
Nothing else and the fridge is opened during the day for various food
No issues.
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Don't fret. Your OK.

Good Luck
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Hello Davis,

I was also very anxious about storaging of my Humira due to the temperature fluctuations in the fridge. One time while i was at work, my temperture logger at home recorded that the temperture has gone down to -0,3 C for about 10 min. So i called Abbvie and they said its no Problem. I asked them also about what if the temperature goes up to 10C and stays there for 2 h. They said its also no Problem for the Humira. In both cases there is no reduction of the storage life of humira. Thats what they said.
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So after much panic and anxiety, even for 10-15 minutes at 9 degrees was apparently ok.

Thanks for all your replies.


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