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Results back-fistula

GI just called with the MRE results. Grayson's abscess is stable (didn't grow or shrink) and he has a fistula. I know it's a connection of sorts because they has told us last week he may have one and explained it a little then. GI said Remicade could fix it and antibiotics should keep the abscess and fistula stable until our meeting on Tuesday. Then he wants him to start his first Remicade infusion within 24-72 hours. I asked him what would happen if Remicade didn't fix it or if he had an allergic reaction and he mentioned possibly surgery. I asked if it would be major surgery or laparoscopic like his perforation repair. Of course he didn't know. HELP! As I said I kind of know what it is, but just enough to scare me!! Grayson went back to school today and GI said that was good...but should I keep him home with this fistula now!?

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There are a few things they can do to make a reaction less likely to remicade .
Most pre treat with Benadryl and Tylenol .
Bendaryl helps with minor reactions but not major ones.
If reactions start they can slow the rate .
Also they can pre medicate with steriods ( solumedrol).
They did these things with DS but he still reacted twice
But he has a history of anaphalaxis in general and is allergic to everything ( food drugs pollens animals etc..) so no one was suprused or shocked.
We were always told to let DS do what he wanted within reason.
More later
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A fistula is of no concern with your son going to school. It is an internal issue and no external influences, like contact with others etc, will affect it.

A fistula is an abnormal connection between to structures, a bit like a tunnel. It is caused by inflammation and will present, if it is going to, between the structures that are in contact with each other. This happens because when the bowel is inflamed it becomes swollen and so presses against the structures surrounding it more than it normally would. The inflammatory process then progresses to the unaffected area and complications like fistulas and abscesses result. So in the case with IBD it can be from bowel loop to bowel loop, bowel and another abdominal organ (bladder, uterus, vagina etc) and the bowel to skin.

Have they ever mentioned draining the abscess?

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Thanks for the info on allergies and the awesome explanation of fistulas. As far as draining his abscess, they're trying to use antibiotics until he can get Remicade because it's not accessible for IR so it would mean another surgery to clean and drain. Hopefully the Remicade will do the job...I have high hopes!
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My son had an abscess and fistula as well. He did antibiotics and started Remicade and all was well in about three weeks. No surgery needed! Hope the same for your kiddo!
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Good luck, hope the Remicade works to heal the fistula. My son had an abscess and fistula, depending where the fistula is , so long as it's draining and not infected, our surgeon wanted to leave it. We left it about a year and a half then my son wanted it fixed, so the surgeon tried a fistula plug. The plug fell out but we are hoping the debriding of the channel helped close it. So far my son seems okay.

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