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pete b
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Blood on tissue

i have had bright red blood on tissue when I wipe since Monday and is really painful around my bum hole and is very itchy I'm currently in a 5 month flare and have been admitted in to hospital 4 times
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I get told repeatedly this is piles
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It may just be aggravated, use gentle baby wipes and some zinc oxide to heal the area. You can try hemmorhoid cream if you think that may be the cause. If it continues I'd notify your doctor because you may need rectal suppository.
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I usually Vaseline the area when it's like this, and use wet toilet wipes. It's possibly piles, and sometimes even if they're not visible they can be just inside.
When this happens to me I use a good amount of Vaseline just before a bowel movement, this helps create a barrier so the sore part doesn't get irritated and helps with the stretch. Very graphic, but I'm being honest. And usually within 3-4 days the soreness has gone. I'd let your GP prescribe you something if its not helped within a few days, and to check it's not perianal disease.
Good luck!

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