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Humira Question...

I am about to start Humira, as Delzicol has not worked for me and Pentasa was one of the worst experiences of my life since my CD diagnosis. I cannot metabolize 6 MP or that class of drugs, according to my Dr., so biologics are where we go next. My question is once you started Humira, how long did it take you to taper off other medications, especially if you were on prednisone, and what medications were you able to eliminate? I don't see a point in continuing on Delzicol, which really seems to be doing nothing, while on Humira. Or is there a point on being on another maintenance medication at the same time? I know prednisone has to be tapered, but how did your Dr. taper and how long did it take you to be prednisone free? I would like to continue probiotics and my anti-depressant, but my GP states they not be needed once a biologic provides remission. What are your thoughts on this? Any advice/info would be appreciated. Also, syringes or pens? For some reason the thought of the pen terrifies me, and I have given myself other injections in the past, but have hated other types of pen injectors. I like to know when a needle is going into my body and be able to see it. Does anyone think this is an irrational fear, as it has nothing to do with pain?
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I tapered off pred completely a few days after I Started my initial dose of humira but I started tappering two weeks before my initial injection. I took both Humira and AZA for six months and then abandoned AZA completely. You can take your anti-depressant and probiotics, as far as I know Humira has nothing to do with any of those. Lots of people here take probiotics (I don't take medical probiotics but I drink Kefir and Ginger beer and eat Greek country yogurt ). I am on one Humira shot every two weeks for 4+ years and I am doing fine. There are no Humira pens here (I live in Greece) but I am a huge advocate for syringes, you can control the depth and the speed of injection and I prefer to be in control of those things.
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I was steroid dependant last year even though I started humira in May. My body needed more than 40mg so I was moved to one pen every week last September and was off steroids by November. Ita a wonderful drug humira. I'm currently in a flare due to pure gluttony!!! I hope You find the most releif with Humira. It acts quick enough in terms of most treatment. I myself use the pen and would recommend it but its up to you really. Some prefer the syringe so they can be in control.

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