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Has Remicad affected the vision of anyone?
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Not me! Hasn't helped or hurt me lol.
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I don't think so. I've had to start wearing reading glasses, but I think that's just age related. But, now that you've mentioned it, maybe I'll try to see ophthalmologist.
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What's going on?
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Have you been on a lot of prednisone in the past?
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Remicade hasn't, but Imuran has caused me eye inflammation in the past, and I've had to go for yearly ophthalmology visits since I started on immunosuppressants when I was diagnosed at age 11.

I recently was restarted on Remicade, and I've had some issues with blurry/double vision from time to time since then, but my doctors think that it's more tied to my neuro issues, not to Remicade.
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Not me.
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Remicade hasn't affected my vision, but prednisone did cause a lot of pressure in my eyes in the past. Are you on any other medication?

You should mention it to your GI so they can help you figure it out.
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Prednisone has caused my eye pressure to go up also, but not remicade. No other eye issues and I'm on glaucoma watch anyway because of family history
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