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Crohns pain or child birth

So I have never given birth. Not yet but probably will in the next few years. Going through a crohns flare currently. The pain especially in the morning is so intense I tell myself it's preparing me for child birth (trying to be positive of what life has given me). But what do you think is the pain comparable?
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Little evil alien babies lol!
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Oh geez, before I was diagnosed, I was convinced that my flare pain was equal to child birth. Doubled over in pain at my desk at work, certain I was going to pass out.
It sure would be nice if they'd give epidurals for flare pain

But I've never experienced child birth so I can't say. Flares are the worst pain I've ever experienced though. Hope you feel better soon!!
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Being male, I wouldn't presume to make the comparison, but one big difference is that some people have mild Crohn's disease with little or no pain. There is no such thing as mild childbirth.
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I'm one of the ones with mild crohns so I'll say child birth was much worse. That being said, I'd say my RA pain was worse than child birth but I think that is mainly because there was no end to it. With child birth I went into labour and within an hour and half it was over (for both kidlets). RA pain lasted 24-7 for months on end. I was actually thinking about it yesterday and feeling thankful about how far I've come. That pain was the kind of pain that made me think life wasn't worth living.

I think the RA pain could be comparable to the crohns pain of people with it worse than me, so yes it could very well be preparing you for what is to come in a few years.
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Hi i have had a child 27yrs back i found that pain an absolute doddle compared to the pain i suffered with the birth pain was 8hrs worth,the crohns was years of it .. no brainer for me, bring on the babies lol 😃
Thankfully in remission for 2 n abit yrs and to old for babies now ...😉

Best wishes to you all 💕💕
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I always joke that I'm about to birth a poo child. I would say that the crohns pains are pretty equal to child birth.
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I can remember a few years back another larger thread asking that question, what is worse IBD pains or child birth? A majority answered IBD/ Crohn's pains was worse.
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Can't compare it with childbirth but the pain after having a resection was terrible.
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Childbirth is like tooth ache.Once it's over, the memory of the pain dims,and the reward more than makes up for it.
Crohns pain is always lurking,even if in remission it can appear at any time.

But I opted to only give birth once....go figure.
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Well even the hospital thought I might be in labour when I came in with a flare up. And that one wasnt that bad for my flares! So it must be close even from a medical view. Ive never given birth but have had many many kidney stones and infections, stones are not as bad as my flares.
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My stones and crohn's obstructions were pretty painful experiences. A female co-worker who has endured stones and childbirth said the stones were far worse than childbirth. I was lucky with my surgeries - they were pretty low on the pain scale. One of them I was actually off my pain meds in less than 24 hours after open surgery. Stones? Not a chance!

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