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Could an anoscopy miss an abscess?

I'll give you some quick backstory.

Last Christmas I had some lower back pain and my doctor prescribed me a weeks worth of 1000mg Cipro. My digestive tract went nuts from it (huge stools + diarrhea) and my bowel movements felt like burning. Shortly after the rectal area felt sore/swollen, sitting down became extremely uncomfortable.

In April I got a colonoscopy done and the only thing the doctor found was a minor fissure. I thought for sure that's what was causing the rectal pain. Well last week I finally saw a surgeon and she used an anoscope to diagnose the area and to my surprise she said everything was fine. A minor hemmorhoid that she didn't seem worried about and NO fissure.

So now i'm left thinking, where is this soreness coming from? I haven't been able to sit down for the past 10 months! I start poking the surroundings of the anus in a circular motion and i come across a very small area right next to the anus which is very sore. If I even slightly poke/put pressure on it the pain is much worse.

What do I do about this? Should I pursue it further even though the doctor got an up close look from an anoscopy? I've even had a CT scan with nothing showing up. But this feels so much like an abscess I can't let it go.

(I should also mention I had a burst abscess about 7 years ago that I never saw a doctor for. The puss came flowing out of my anus for 24 hours and since the pain disappeared I was ecstatic and just left it at that. I'm wondering if leaving it untreated meant bad news for the future)
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Hi, myself I also am feeling some pain by anal opening but can not feel any lump. Was given Cipro but scared to take it. How is your pain now.
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Hi Volans,
Yes, an abscess can be missed by both a scope and CT scan. I have experience of this.
Antibiotics can/should help.
If you are experiencing pain that is untreated, and you suspect something is not quite right, I strongly suggest you get a 2nd or 3rd opinion until you are satisfied that the pain is being dealt with.
hope this helps...
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When was your CT? Maybe a repeat of it or an MRI is in order? I have a lot of faith in my surgeon, but if you are not confident in what you are having a second opinion is the way to go.

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I think it can miss an abscess if it's deep or in the butt cheek. MRI & CT is best for this but it's a pain to do those.

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