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If I don't laugh I'll cry!

I'm sure most of us have been here a million times but I'm getting so fed up of spending most nights trying not to poop my pants! 😂

I've got to laugh at myself tonight honestly.. I'm sat watching a cooking shoe that's making me hungry and I keep running off to the toilet. I've got myself some new pyjamas today and they are amazing and I refuse to have anything happen to these!!

I'm lucky I'm feeling light hearted this evening 😝
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I sure have been there. Hopefully things will finally start turning around for you soon. In the meantime, sending lots of hugs and support your way.
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Ugh it's so miserable that sometimes it's hilarious and downright insanity. Only here can anyone relate to the mere madness of it all. Hang in there, non potty days ahead hopefully.
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I posted a long time ago about the time I was swimming in the local pool and felt the awful cramp. The edge of the pool seemed to get further away, and I looked like a nut trying to swim and squish my butt cheeks together. Then when I got out of the pool the lifeguard blew his whistle and told me not to run.. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!) then when I got to the bathroom, I couldn't get the swim suit off. You know how they get when wet, all tangled. That was one moment that I sat on the toilet and laughed my ass off....
Yeah sometimes you just have to laugh.
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