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CT scan

So I arrive to my ct scan already very sick to my stomach (nerves and hunger/thirst) sit down and they hand me three bottles and tell me I need to drink one every 20 minutes. I already felt defeated. I don't normally drink this much in a day. It tasted like crap and made me gag. After an hour I had 1.5 down and couldn't get anymore I was going to barf so I stopped they ran the scan anyways but was it useless because I didn't drink enough?
I still feel like hell over 12 hours later.
Also I didn't get a choice of flavors mine tasted like nasty cough medicne. Everyone else got a choice. I was such a hot mess and crying I'm sure the nurse was making fun of me.
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I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience.

I would lodge a formal complaint over your treatment, it may not get you anywhere but sometimes you feel better if you've at least complained.
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Sorry it didn't go well but 1.5 may be enough. I know once they wanted me to drink 3 for an MRI and I couldn't go past 2 and it was fine.
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I didn't drink all of the nasty drink for my CT scan and it was fine.
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Came back normal, almost wish it had answers so I can stop living in pain.... Onto the colonoscopy.
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Came back normal, almost wish it had answers so I can stop living in pain.... Onto the colonoscopy.
It sucks, I am sorry you didn't get any resolution. I had the opposite my CT scan showed strictures but my colonoscopy was clear. Living in pain is horrid. I talked to my GP and said pain meds are a bandage not a solution. I just hope you get answers
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I hope the colonoscopy gives you some answers; it was the other way around for me too.

I got through 90% of the disgusting drink, but it was a big struggle and I wasn't feeling sick or anything. I think they must give you more than is necessary knowing most people won't manage it.
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