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Symptoms worsening – Lupus?


Just looking for some advice …. Had Crohns for what seems a life time now, Op a few years ago and remission followed.

This year things have gradually gone downhill. Abdomen / groin pain, joint pain, lower back ache and recently worsening abdomen pain with constipation, chest issues and hot flushes … and to my horror recently losing hair in patches (even on my chin!)

I look up symptom checkers online (not advised I know) and the word Lupus keeps cropping up for all of the above.

Sorry for the above’s lengthiness but hoping someone has experience similar …


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Anemia can cause hair loss and all sorts of nastiness, and that's quite likely if your crohns is active again, as well as other vitamin deficiencies.

You should probably go get a blood test at the least.
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Lupus is one of those diseases that can cause so many different symptoms that anyone with more than a couple of medical issues can find it seems to fit. Your symptoms are very general (they can be caused by all sorts of different illnesses), and ultimately you're going to need to get tests done to stand any chance of finding out your diagnosis. Start with your GP (or at least it's a GP in the UK -I'm not sure of the equivalent if you're in another country) and see which type of consultant they recommend. A rheumotologist would I think be the kind of specialist to see if you're worried about lupus, though as I said, you may well find there are plenty of other medical conditions out there that sound like they could be causing your problems, so your GP might have a different idea in mind once you've discussed your symptoms.

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