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Could Entyvio be not working for me?

I have been through all of the loading doses of Entyvio and am now on the 8-week schedule. Prior to starting Entyvio, I was without medication for about 2.5 months (waiting for its FDA approval). Since being off medication, instead of frequent trips to the bathroom, I am rarely going at all. I have to take Miralax each morning and it is still a struggle and what comes out isn't formed. In addition to that, I'm feeling "pressure" in my lower right quadrant of my abdomen which is where I had surgery 3 years ago. My concern is that I may be getting another stricture. I am not due for a colonoscopy until mid-next year and my doctor is holding to that timeframe. I asked if we could move it up because I really don't feel right. No luck. My question is, should I persist and ask my doctor again to move my colonoscopy up? Or should I just relax and follow the doctor's plan?
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I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I have another stricture and my 3rd surgery was just a year ago. But I don't understand why your doctor won't give you a colonoscopy?? Is it because of insurance? If you think you have a stricture you should insist.
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Maybe another non invasive test can help determine if you have a stricture?
Ultrasound or MRI for example.
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That's what I was going to suggest... An MRI. If you have the start of a stricture, that test seems the safest. One thing I know about myself, Once I get worried about something, then it adds to the feelings I'm having. I think you should ask again. You are the one with the disease and you know your body. Making sure is a good thing for you. An MRI could be a starting point. Best wishes

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