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Has anyone had surgery to help fix fissures?

Hey there, first time posting but i read some threads and sounds like what i have going on too.
Im 34, have a gardening business in california and havent been able to work since august due to burning, itching, inflamation, and pain. I went to the e.r. twice in september (7th and 13th) because i couldnt take the physical pain and pressure anymore. I couldnt pass stool from the spasming anal sphincter and blinding pain. I didnt know what it was like to be constipated. I had no idea what was wrong. I had never had any health issues before so this was foreign to me.
First e.r. visit was useless. They tested, poked, and proded and said "youre constipated", take this suppository and see a GI dr as soon as possible. With no insurance, soonest appointment was 3 months away. I went back to the e.r. a week later because the suppositories were not working. They did blood work, ct scan, injected dye into my veins for the ct scan, i drank a half gallon of liquid solution for the xrays, and they poked my butthole. They said there were no signs of internal bleeding or hemorrhoids so i had to see a GI dr for a colonoscopy.
Immediately following that e.r. visit, I called the drs office where i had an appt in 3 months and demanded to be seen. I was given an appt the following morning. The colonoscopy was done 2 weeks later in late september (30th) and they found the fissures, 2 polyps, and diverticulosis. Biopsy results (Oct 8th) found polyps to be benign and follow up visit with the surgeon resulted in recommendation of another surgery to do LIS (lateral interior sphincterotomy). I was referred to another surgeon for that surgery and i saw him October 21st. According to this surgeon, the LIS surgery will "permanently" fix the interior sphincter muscle. He explained to me that the fissures cause the interior sphincter muscle to spasm and close in order to protect you from the pain of the fissure. This spasm also causes the blood flow to the fissures to stop and impedes their healing process.
Now I am waiting on authorization from insurance to approve the surgery and i will be scheduling that soon.

My question now. Has anyone had this done and is it the permanent fix the surgeon said it would be? The surgeon said, you can live with and treat the flare-ups or solve the problem altogether. I dont want to put myself through surgery if I dont have to but i also dont want to live with this all my life.
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I have a friend who had a bad fissure. He had surgery a few years ago but it did not help. I recommended him to my CR doc and they did a flap surgery, so far so good. He's a happy customer.

I had fissure surgery about 35 years ago, all good. I think they "welded" it shut with electrocautery. I seem to remember it hurting like the dickens for about a month.

Good Luck
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I wouldnt say my fissures are bad, yesterday was not that bad of a day to be honest. The worst problem is the stories i have heard of the surgery lasting 6 months to a year to completely heal and some have had to have a second surgery due to a conservative first attempt. I own a business maintaining landscapes, walking all day, lifting heavy things, and its stressful in itself to run a business. Now i have to figure out how to manage the business from afar since i cant be there and try to recover from this surgery as well. Its my first health issue ever and its a life changing situation at that. I just hope im in the 96% of those who have this surgery and recover well.

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