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Humira and...

Just wanted to seek out some advice. My Dr. wants to start another medication along with Humira, in order to help me taper off prednisone and to try to get me into a long remission. (Note, I just started Humira earlier this month and this is a new GI.) I was wondering if anyone has had more luck using Methotrexate or 6-MP with Humira or what you might suggest? Note, Delzicol and Pentasa have been useless. Blood tests regarding metabolizing the immunosuppresants and immunodialators came back, according to the old GI, stating that I cannot take them, but the new GI disagrees and stated that I would just have to start out on a lower dosage as my body may not be able to metabolize them completely, and this could lead to a decrease in bone marrow (if I understand them both, which is really confusing, as I really don't understand the results of the blood test since it has been described several different conflicting ways to me by 2 GIs and 2 of their PAs.)
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Most who have issues with 6-mp or Aza can start at a lower dose.
My son had normal blood levels but still could tolerate 6-mp
It kept going to his liver so they lowered the dose and added allopurinol.
This allowed him to use the med but we could never get the dose high enough to be I. The therapuetic range without it going back to his liver.

Currently DS is on humira plus Mtx .
Mtx is different and no metabolite blood work needed.
That combined with humira more often every 10 days vs every other week has made a difference .

I would ask about adding Mtx since your blood work showed issues with 6-mp.

Good luck

Btw DS has been on humira for over a year now .
He is only 10. No major side effects .
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So far, Humira has been good for me, which is a relief. And, I am seeing slight changes. I just want to know that I am making a right decision for myself, but I hate making these decisions, as you never know the outcome until you try new medications. Thanks for your advice.

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