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Does This Sound Like A Fistula To You?

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jonathan. I'm new to this forum, and not even sure if it's appropriate for me to be on this forum. I'm pretty sure that I don't have Crohn's, but I have suffered from anal abscesses in the past.

I had 2 anal abscesses about 5 years ago, they were 6 months apart. Both were drained and packed by the same proctologist, who told me that a 3rd anal abscess would indicate an anal fistula and would require more serious surgery. I went a good 3 years without experiencing any problems. About 2 years ago I started experiencing what felt like an anal abscess forming, but it would drain itself and go away. I never went to the proctologist for this.

2 weeks ago I started experiencing what felt like incontinence, and every once in a while I would have to wipe myself even without going to the bathroom. This wasn't too concerning, until I got what I think is another anal abscess. This anal abscess is located further away from the ones before it, and is almost on my butt check. I was hopeful that it was just a cyst or weird pimple, but now my anal opening is looking a little discolored (darker) to me.

This new abscess (or whatever it is) is not getting any bigger, and the little pain that I do have isn't getting any worst. My temperature has also remained normal, and I'm checking it often to see if a fever is starting. I would go back to the same proctologist but my insurance has since changed, and my current doctor can't see me until November 11th.

Does this sound like a fistula? Should I get it seen ASAP, or can I wait if it doesn't get any worst? Since I can't see my doctor, should I go to the ER? This problem sucks even more since Halloween is tomorrow and I've already made plans

Any information and advice would be greatly appreciated

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Hi and welcome to the forum. As you can see, fistulas and abscesses are common in our neck of the woods. We have this saying though. If you're questioning yourself if you're needing to go to the ER, it's probably time to go.

I'm sorry to hear everything that you've been going through. Hopefully you can get things taken care of soon.
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