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Have you had vein problems from Remicade?

Just wondering if it causes vein problems in those receiving remicade.
I'm asking for my adult child who is currently beginning remicade infusions.

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So far, no issues at all. I do remind him to stay as hydrated as possible the day before and day of infusion.
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Definitely staying hydrated helps. It always takes multiple tries to get an IV in me though, no matter the location. I usually come home from the hospital bruised in more than one place, no matter how much water I drink before hand. Sometimes they wrap my hands in warm compresses before, which makes it slightly easier, but I just generally put that down to so many years of IVs and blood sticks. I'm no expert, but I've heard that after a while, having too many things stuck in your veins does do some damage.

That said, Remicade can work wonders, so don't give up on it just yet!
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They usually get me on the first try but I alternate arms for infusions, blood tests. I try to drink before and exercise my hand to get a good vein showing.

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