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Crohns and tattoo

Ok I dont know what subject to press I tried to press teens and I am on Mobile so confusing anyways my question is can I get a tattoo with my crohns. I see online alot people have. But I want more answers. Please and thank you. If you dont like tattoos im sorry and please dont give me a big long speach about how they are permanent. I know. All I want is four deer tracks on my tummy because hunting is in my blood for ever.
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I have 7, all were from before I was diagnosed though in hindsight we are fairly certain i probably already HAD crohn's but didnt know it yet. I cant think of any specific reason that Crohns means you cant get one, the only thing I can think of is depending on if/how you are being treated the risk of infection might be a concern so youd probably have to be extra vigilant about caring for it. (Fair warning, Im new to Crohns so someone with more experience might come along and contradict me here and Im cool with that)
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Im on humira and like three other pills. Pentasa and heart burn medicane and another one. Dont know to pronouce em lol
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This is definitely something to talk to your doctor about. Keep in mind that Humira (along with having Crohn's itself) weakens your body's ability to heal and fight off infection. If your in an active flare, I would at the very least hold off until you aren't. Also, I would take extreme measure in ensuring that you don't get an infection before the tattoo site heals.
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There are issues with some tattoos containing metals and MRI machines. Some of the pigments used to make brown and black colors are made up of iron oxide particles, they react to the machine and can cause a slight burn and you're not allowed to use an MRI then unless they cover it up. This is why before you go into an MRI machine, you are required to fill in a form that asks if you have any tattoos.


While there are still tattoo artists that use those pigments, there is a hard cap on the amount of iron oxide a tattoo can contain in the West. Pigments used should be organics based on carbon (with the exception of titanium white which doesn't react to MRI either).

Unless your tattoo was done in a foreign country, or by someone without a good reputation, your tattoo should not contain heavy metal particles. It does still happen, there are still reports of tattoos being done containing iron oxide pigments.

Why it's still done in foreign countries or by tattoo artists that want to save money, is because unlike carbon based organic pigments, iron oxide based pigments are the cheapest pigments that exist.

so in short, get your tattoo at a reputable place and ask if the tattoo artist uses organic pigments instead of iron oxide (there is no color difference between them, organics are just as colorful as their iron oxide counterparts)

Some people argue that it's rare that it happens even if your tattoo contains iron oxide, so it's not an issue, but that's a very flawed explanation, since the magnetic field and power of MRI machines has gone up considerably over the last years, and a 1.5 T MRI machine is much stronger than the MRI machines they had in the past, so over time, this could become a bigger issue.

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A couple of my tatts (done at reputable shops) got warm during the MRI, enough that I could feel it but not enough to be an issue. It was odd but that was the worst of it for me. I'm planning for another tattoo when im slightly less sick. Not because of crohns per se but because I just dont have the energy reserves right now to deal with getting and caring for a new one honestly.
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I have one (pre-crohns) and I've never had an issue with it before. I would def have a chat with your doctor about it. My 2 cents would be just make sure you go to a reputable and clean shop and make sure you watch them open the needle (it should come from a sterile bag). And follow their instructions on post-ink care to minimize your risk of infection.
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If everything goes Ok it should not be a problem. But it is an extra risk. Personally I would not take tattoo on somewhere you might need to use for getting shots (Humira etc.) bloodworks or any other procedure. So not in stomach, front of tighs, lower back or near veins in the hands and arms. If you end up having surgery for some reason it may not be good idea to get a tattoo right where they will perform it.
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I have a tattoo on the inside of my wrist (it's my profile picture!) I had it done last year, so after my Crohn's diagnosis, to mark my survival through some near fatal complications.
Personally, I haven't had any issues with it - never been asked about it before MRIs, I've had surgery and not had problems with canulas etc, it healed fine.
Obviously check with your doctor, but if you're sensible you shouldn't have any issues.

As an extra story, I have a friend of a friend who had a circular tattoo on her stomach surrounding her tummy button. She had her first Crohns surgery, part of it disappeared and the tattoo became lopsided....she then had her second surgery and it disappeared completely!
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I have a tattoo on my abdomen and during my first open bowel resection, my GI surgeon used it to hide his laparoscope scar. (Can't hide the big one tho - haha. He suggested getting a longer belly button ring). I agree, when on Humira be mindful of infection risk but if you go to clean/reputable place, your infection risk wouldn't be anymore so than when you have a cut or burn at home. I say go for it!!!


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My whole body is covered in tattoos. I have had Crohns since I was a kid. I have never had an issue with anything crohns related (besides frequent bathroom breaks) while getting a tattoo...although I do have psoriasis, and thats caused me some problems healing my tattoos. Although, I would be careful while on certain meds.
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I've never personally had any problems with my tattoos. I got my last one done while on Infliximab and it healed well.
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