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Bob from Midwest
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Regularity with Crohn's Question . . .

I have been eating a lot lately (over the course of a day) and expell very little at a time. Sometimes I go two days without a movement. However, I don't feel any lower abdominal pain associated with constipation. What's up with that? I have some soreness in the upper abdomen where my gallbladder used to be. Strangely, it seems to feel better after eating. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thank you.
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I still have my gallbladder, so I don't know on that front. However, I've noticed that while I have a large number of bowel movements in a day during a flare, when my Crohn's is in remission, especially right after a flare, I do tend to go a couple of days sometimes without a BM, and often with no apparent ill effects. Maybe try some at-home remedies, such as warm lemon water or prune juice if it starts to bother you. In my experience, those are usually mild enough to get things going again without overdoing it. Also, make sure and drink your water! That has made a big difference for me in the past as well.
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People with healthy digestive systems can go several days without going with no problem. Going once every few days is considered within the normal range. So there's no reason you should feel constipated after a couple of days without going, because that's not constipation!

The amount you eat will have some effects, but both how often you go and how much you produce each time will also be affected by many other factors - the amount of fibre you eat, the amount of fluid you drink, any medications you take, and just the individual way your digestive system functions, along with numerous other things.

If you're not uncomfortable and not having to strain excessively to go, don't worry.
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2 days is not an issue its normal 2/3 can be totally fine when you start to feel bagged up try a piece of food that makes you go,i would avoid over the counter laxatives unless your dr/nuese advises it.

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