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Flu shot.... Calling on Canucks (Ontario)

Hi guys,
while I'm sure there is a thread somewhere here on the flu shot, I want to ask more specifically about the free flu shot available in all pharmacies in Ontario... is this one safe to get that one when on Humira standard dose?

I used to get it via my doctor's office before that... I was only on Imuran (100mg) or Mercatopurine (50mg) and the regular one from the doctor's office was fine.

I'll be glad for anyone's input on this, but local input will be wonderful.

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I'm going for mine next week. I was told at the Remicade clinic to wait 14 days after infusion or give it at least 14 days before an infusion.

BTW, they said to get it every year. I had it last year while on imuran only and had no problem. Tell the pharmacist you're on humira before they stick you.
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In BC on Humira - got my flu shot already and am fine. Am supposed to get it every year also. No problems.
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Grumpy1 - thanks!
I take my Humira every second Friday evening. Did you have to time your flu shot around the bi-weekly Humira shot or it do you feel it made no difference?

Thanks again!
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Late, but in case anyone else comes across this thread: the timing doesn't matter. I take Humira every week. The flu vaccines (save for the swine flu one, I think) are all not live vaccines, so they're safe.
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thank you!! that was exactly the type of confirmation I was hoping to receive!

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