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In remission but still have pain?

I have been having some intense left sided pain for two months. I thought it was my kidney at first but a CT scan showed nothing but very small non obstructive stones. Yesterday I had a colonoscopy and it showed that the crohns was in remission. The only other findings were a tortuous colon with many loops and turns, and a few internal hemorrhoids.
So I have no explanation for this pain. It's feels like a hot sharp pain twisting in my side. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't know where to turn next. They tell me to take Tylenol for the pain...but it Tylenol doesn't touch it. Please help.
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Torturous colon??? Does that mean scar tissue? If you have residual scar tissue, or the wall of the colon has thickened from the disease... then that might explain the pain you are experiencing. I have recurring bouts of pain every day from scar tissue. Only cure will be to have the colon removed (in my case).

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Tortuous colon can actually be a very painful condition...did your GI explain this to you. The symptoms of tortuous colon are basically the same as IBS symptoms (pain, bloating, gass, and irregularity). So that in and of itself could be part of your pain. Another possibility is actually IBS. It is quite common for people with IBD to have IBS during periods of remission. I have this and it is horribly painful most times. There are some medications and diet changes that can be used in IBS, so I would ask your GI about whether it could be a possibility for you.
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