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Humira and c-diff

Hi - I was just diagnosed with c-diff. I started humira 2 weeks ago (the starter kit), for Crohn's. I should be taking my next dose of humira tomorrow.

I asked my doctor if it was ok to take the humira now that i have c-diff, and he said it would not cause a problem and i should keep taking it (he also prescribed Flagyl for the c-diff). However, I have read a couple of times about people who think the humira actually caused their c-diff. So I'm a little worried.

If anybody has any information about humira and c-diff, I would greatly appreciate it. thanks

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Hi and welcome.

Sorry, I can't help you.
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Hi, I recently was hospitalized 2x in one month with C-Diff and I have been on Humira since the end of June. I also had recently begun Imuran. The Humira did not cause/effect the C-Diff; the Imuran was the problem as well as multiple antibiotics within a few weeks. Since I was discharged this last time, I have continued the Humira.
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I would help if I had any info. I've been fortunate not to have C-diff, so I really don't have any experience to share. My best suggestion - if you are trusting this doctor with your care, do what he says unless it's really obvious he isn't listening or doesn't care - If you think that's the case, then change doctors.
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