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Crohn's and piercing

Hey everyone! I'm just getting over a really bad flare and am starting to feel normal again, and I'd like to do something to mark my feeling okay again so at first I was thinking a tattoo but I think I might wait until I find something I really like for definite. I also really want my belly button pierced, do many people on here have theirs pierced and what does their doctors say or has it caused any trouble?
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The only issue I can think of is needing to remove it for any tests or surgeries. Is there any metel in tattoo ink? I could see that being an issue in MRIs.
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Some inks do have small amounts. I found that out first hand when one or two of my tatts got quite warm during an MRI, not enough to cause any issues just enough to be mildly uncomfortable. I had my navel pierced years ago (way before diagnosis), but my body rejected it which does happen from time to time with surface piercings like the navel. The only concern I can think of is making sure its had time to heal before any planned procedures cause as DJW mentioned of having to take it out for tests/procedures etc
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