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Skintags and Pain!

Hello! This is my first time posting! I was hoping for some advice as i was just diagnosed recently this year and very clueless on many things ;A;

i have had soft stools since last summer, which im guessing has caused the 2 skin tags around my anus.
Though my anus has started to hurt more. After i poo it hurts the most! (I usually only go once a day though)
I get constant pain from my anus it becomes uncomfortable to sit and stand sometimes..

Ive had this pain for awhile but the past few weeks its started to become way more intense! (Lots more pain, outer pain and inner pain in my anus, and the area around my anus feels bruised and swollen?) sometimes the pain isn't as intense on some days and i feel okay but other times it gets bad.

Is there a diet that can help? Certain foods i shouldn't eat?
I have tried gluten free, lactose free, no hard foods (nuts, raw chips etc.) no chocolate for the past couple of days but i didn't really see a difference other then i started to get more mild cramps that i never really had before? Or should i continue the diet im already on?
Any other advice?
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I would recommend mentioning this to your GI, just in case there is a peri-anal fistula or fissure that you are not noticing causing the pain near your anus, even though it could just be the skin tags. This may be radical thinking, but a colo-rectal surgeon can repair skin tags if they are causing pain, but as a last resort. I find that sometimes taking a sitz bath can help to relieve anal/rectal pain. I don't know if this would help. Hoping that you get some relief and answers from your doctors in the next few weeks.
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Kind of sounds like the symptoms I had with a fissure. Or maybe hemorrhoids??
Have GI take a look.
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I have similar issue. My GI checks my Perianal skin tags out regularly as they can lend themselves to fistulas. I have never had a fistula. I do experience rectal pain sporadically that, even after 8 years, I can't seem to find the trigger! I've found soaking in a warm tub, drinking warm liquids, and using wet wipes vs. Toilet tissue helps!! And sometimes I get anal spasms in the area of my tags, and I haven't found anything to stop those other than relaxing till they pass.


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