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Foot/leg cramps

I am having horrible cramps in my feet and legs that come on instantly and usually end within seconds to minutes (sometimes I feel like I am having a charlie horse in my foot or in my thigh, which seems abnormal.) I know that cramps can be a side effect of taking prednisone, which I am currently on, but was wondering what vitamins besides potassium could be causing the horrible cramps. Anyone have any ideas? Or I wonder if this may be rheumatological? My Dr. is planning on tapering me off of prednisone starting next month and adding another maintenance medication to my Humira, and this may help. I am contemplating asking my Dr. to test my potassium, B-12, folate, iron, TSH, vitamin D, and magnesium levels when I see him in early December, do you guys and gals think this is a good idea just in case there is something else going on or one of these levels is low and could be causing some of my CD symptoms? Just wanted to get some advice.
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I think your plan is a good one. Dehydration can also cause cramps so make sure you're taking in enough fluids.

Sending you my support.
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I know potassium is a possibility because i got cramps like you are describing when I was pregnant annd had low potassium , but yeah I would definitely second asking the doc to run the tests and look into it
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potassium helps to stop cramp thats why atheletes eat ripe banana,s during a sporting events,i,m prone to them and find stretches before bed help and if that fails quinine,or take your meds with indian tonic water as some have quinine in them saves taking more medication as i know we,re all fed up popping pills.
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My Crohn's is all up in my muscles and joints - I have RA like arthritis as an extra-intestinal manifestation. Hydration, stretching, and epsom salt baths help me.

You might also consider stopping in with your doc first and asking if you should see a physical therapist.

By the way ease into magnesium - it can also be used to relieve constipation. check with your doctor about supplement guidelines.

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Leg Cramps - Potassium and Magnesium. Magnesium is primary. It'w why people feel so good after an epsom salt foot bath. As far as Potassium, please look into avocados. They are higher in content. Magnesium, you can look into taking daily foot baths, or taking small amount of magnesium citrate. Research supplements as they are some that are better than others. If you google, low magnesium, you will be quite surprised at the aliments that are bettered by taking mag.

Just my 2 cents, and what works for me. I personally, use magnesium oil. And eat avocados on a regular basis.

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