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Remicade,high liver?

Hi all,
I am a long time lurker and first time poster. I was just wondering if anyone on remicade or any biologics for that matter have had any problems with high liver enzymes. I have noticed a lot of people post on this, but my situation seems a bit different. All of my liver enzymes are ok except for my bilirubin. I got a further test and my indirect billirubin is high 2.2(reference 1.2) all else is good (direct,ast,alt,alk). I was on asacol and remicade but have been off asacol for around two months. i have had consistent high bilirubin levels over the past 4-5 months,2.5,1.8,2.2 and 2.2 (been on remicade for 10mths). we suspected it might be the asacol but since i have been off of it for a while we assume it is the remicade. I was just curious as to if any one else had this problem. I had three hypothesis as to why it might be high, 1) it just the remicade and i cant do anything about it but hope my body adjust. 2) i run 2 miles 4 times a week, could this put too much strain on it? I had read about how strenous exercise could raise levels, but that was mostly in weight training, not aerobic exercise. 3) I smoke marijuana 1-2 times on the weekends to unwind (use to be beer but thats not good for my UC). I will probably eliminate the MJ before my next test to see if it has any effect, but in the mean time i just figured i could see if anyone has had similar circumstances. doc said if bilirubin gets to above 3 we will have to do a liver biopsy. If it is the remicade we will have to switch to something else. Mostly i am just trying to make sure that i am not adding to the problem. Thanks all
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Hi ctz

Its not uncommon to have high liver enzymes!!! i have them and i take Remicade with Imuran but i do blood test every 6 months and everytime my blood test are great except my liver enzymes "number" who's a bit higher then normal i think im around 78 but my GI specialist and my GP both arent worried about it and told me not to worried about it because they said its normal to be a bit high because its due to the medication i take it will affect the liver!! thats why anyone who takes Remicade, Imuran or both...they are followed closely with blood test!! i have blood test done everyone 6 months.

So dont worried its normal that it will affect your liver enzyme and if it ever goes to high they will know and they will stop the meds...just have regular blood test!! anyhow talk to your doctor or even to nurses/people in charge when you go have remicade will put your mind at ease.

But i understand you being worried about it i was in the same situation!! but my docs put my mind at ease....pretty sure everyone that takes Remicade or imuran have some high liver enzymes.

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