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Newbie breast cancer survivor, mild colitis, Apriso side effects

It seems that all sorts of things have been out of wack with my body since discovering, treating, and being cured from my cancer at the age of 32. I have had severe stomach issues since completing chemotherapy. One and a half years to be exact. As the problems kept getting worse (diarrhea, no solid stool) I was sent for a colonoscopy. I was informed I have mild colitis and have been on Apriso for two weeks. I am on the drug Femara to block estrogen from my adrenal gland because my breast cancer was estrogen fed. This medicine has caused bone pain. Now this Apriso is causing so much neck and shoulder stiffness and pain! I am brand new to all of this and would like some feedback specifically on my diagnosis and my side effects. I am also so very fatigued. Thank you for taking the time to read my story!
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Arthralgia and myalgia even arthritis are common extra intestinal manifestations of Ibd.
When the inflammation gets under control the joint/muscle and bone pain go away.
I wouldn't necessarily say it was the 5-ASA causing the pain.

Ds had a lot of bone pain /joints and muscles .
His evolved over time to juvenile spondyloarthritis in his hands that runs independant of his Crohn's disease activity -this is not typical though .

Are you on steriods to reduce the inflammation so the Aspiro can take over ...?
EEN is another option to reduce inflammation so a maintence med can take over instead of pred .

Ds had to do both EEN and pred in the beginning .

Good luck
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I'm so sorry that you are suffering. It's horrible that our doctors are all focused on certain areas and not looking at us holistically. We are whole beings! The best thing I can suggest is having a good medical team who listens and takes the time to put the pieces together.
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Greetings and welcome to the community. During your treatment for cancer, did they give you radiation treatments in addition to the chemo?

All my best to you.
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I was on apriso for IBD for 5 months and then I developed intolerance to it; my side effects were abdominal pain, (and with IBD I had gut pain too), extreme fatigue, and
depression. It took me a while to realize the apriso was causing these problems, but when I did and visited my dr, he took me off apriso put me on Budesonide and tramaldol which has helped immensely.

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