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Bob from Midwest
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Are My "Attacks" like yours??

Good Morning,

I get these "attacks" wherein it feels like I am having a heart attack. The pain starts from the mid-gut area on the right side like a huge knot, then feels like crushed glass working its way up, then I get the tremendous heartburn sensation in my gut. This is so painful that I often have had to freeze and stand in place rubbing my tummy below my sternum until it goes away. I know its gone when I break a sweat. I can eliminate it entirely within 30 seconds, however, if I eat something. Very Weird. Does anyone else experience this? To what is it attributed to? Looking forward to my next GI appt in about three weeks.
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It sounds like it can be costochondritis because that affects the sternum and can mimick the signs of a heart attack. Definitely mention it to your GI, you may need an anti inflammatory or something for reflux.
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Since it goes away when you eat, I wonder if you might have a gastric/duodenal ulcer.
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Hi Bob,

I have had exactly what you are talking about. About two years ago I went to ER thinking I was having a heart attack, they did some tests and everything was fine. When I spoke to a cardiologist he mentioned it could be indigestion and I thought he was crazy. Then I spoke to my GI aswell. A few months later this same feeling came back, I found drinking hot tea and walking helps me pass some gas or at least eases the discomfort. My GI agreed with the cardiologist. This feeling really scared me.
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A couple of things come to mind:

1. I have a hiatal hernia in that region. If my acid reflux pools there it can cause a sharp pain like you describe. It can be really uncomfortable and highly unsettling. Sorry to hear that you are going through that. The hernia itself can also just get aggravated and cause the cramp burning sensation as well. Sometimes exercising, bending, twisting, lifting etc can aggravate a hiatal hernia.

Google "hiatal hernia" and take a look at symptoms and pictures - educate yourself and try not to freak out. My doctor said mine didn't need surgery.

Putting strain on that area, pushing too hard while going to the bathroom can upset it.

2. Pericardial inflammation. Sometimes this can be a side effect of a medication or can be an "external" manifestation of Crohn's outside of the intestines.

These are two things I would talk to your doctor about. If you feel like you aren't getting anywhere, insist on discovering a solid reason through logic or tests, preferably tests that will yield a legit result, not just a hunch... or find another doctor. My first GI told me I had IBS and needed to take fiber supplements... the better doctor found my Crohn's with a pill cam.

Acid can mimic this feeling you describe believe it or not - but if that's the case the acid needs to be treated, not dismissed. I would check into this.

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