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How many of you DON'T have scar tissue?

Just wondering if everybody eventually develops scar tissue, or are there folks who are in and out of remission with the luck of not having scarring?

Or does it take years of inflammation to develop some? I admit I was a little rebellious not taking things seriously since I'm mild, but now I worry the on-Entocort, off-Ent, and back on Entocort is giving rise to scar tissue....
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I don't have any scars and before 2013 I was on and off of Prednisone every time I had a flare. I originally had inflammation constantly whenever I had a colonoscopy, but this time there was no inflammation at all.
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My severe Crohn's first became active in 2011, and I was in a horrible, horrible flare for over a year that led to the development of a fistula. Now I've been in remission for over a year. Despite the severity of my case, I actually don't have any scar tissue, and in my most recent colonoscopy my GI said I looked so healthy that it didn't even look like I had an IBD at all.

Just take your medication properly, and be proactive about managing symptoms, and you should be fine.
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I don,t either and long may it continue,I,m not a fan of the" mild"description for crohns when it plays up it's never mild.
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I had a resection four years ago. Sometimes, when I sneeze I can feel it down where the resection was done. Is that scar tissue?
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