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URGENT! Immidiate IBS relife!

Hi I'm an 18 year old female with ibs and lpr (reflux).
I'm currently having stomach pains do to what I think is constipation. I also have these moments where I have a strong urge to go to the bathrronm. Ive been "going" to the bathroom for almost 2 hours so far. I've actually been pooping but the stool has been slightly hard to get out. I wouldn't nesseseraly classify this as an "attack" but it's been going in for two hours and I'm in pain and scared. Please help me!
I'm on mirilax, dexilant, and escitalopram.
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Sorry you are suffering. Have you tried psyllium husk? A lot of people find it helps regulate them. Fig juice should help you go more as well as cherries. Hopefully some adjustments can help you.
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are you taking anything that may be making your constipation worse? like vitamin supps? something to check for as well. otherwise yogurt or perhaps fiber(oats, apples) could help, but fiber may also worsen the condition.

for my crohns disease, rice, corn and potatoes seem to make me a little constipated. perhaps this applys to you as well.
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If you are looking for immediate relief, you ought to try a saline enema like a Fleets enema. It is not a chemical laxative, so will not cause bad cramping, but it may be enough to get stuff out and end your current situation.
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