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Crohn's disease and organophosphate pesticides

I theorize that chronic low exposure to organophosphate pesticides in genetically susceptible people with low paraoxanase activity (and likely other unknown factors) can lead to some forms of Crohn's disease. Organophsphate pesticides are WIDELY used in conventional agriculture. The digestive symptoms of acute organophosphate poisoning are:

Abdominal cramps
Loss of appetite

Big chemical and Ag will of course say the dose of organophosphates on produce is too low to cause issue. However, study after study have shown issues with chronic low exposure.

- http://pediatrics.aappublications.or....full.pdf+html

Paraoxanase (PON1) is the enzyme that is important in breaking down organophosphates in the human body -

Guess what subset of people have decreased PON1 activity? If you're reading this, you're probably part of that subset:
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random comment: pon-1 is supposedly activated by ppar gamma, some products of teh gut microbiota are ppar gamma agonists such as conjugated linoleic acid which some bacteria make out of dietary derived linoleic acid. Therefore, if the gut isn't activating ppar gamma with molecules like CLA, perhaps this is one way damage to gut microbiota would likewise lead to less pon-1 activity, and make us more sensitive to organophosphates. This of course is a very loosely constructed argument I'm making, but just thought id mention it. Because this place is just crawling with scientists. just kidding.
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Books, Multimedia, Research & News » Crohn's disease and organophosphate pesticides
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