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Vomiting during infusion?

Hey all,

I had my 8th infusion this past wednesday. I've never had any issues or reactions from it in the past, but this time about halfway through i suddenly got very shaky and nauseous and vomited once. I felt better after but was still nauseous off and on so the nurse called my GI and was able to give me a dissolvable zofran which helped. We aren't sure if it was related or not - could have been my breakfast (smoothie and apple danish), or if it happens again, she said we would get an order for Zofran to be added as a premed. Has anyone else had this happen?

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I had mild nausea at one point but it passed quickly. It doesn't sound like a reaction so I would agree it sounds like an outside factor.
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No, I have not had that happen to me..Hope it is a one-off!

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I've never gotten so sick that I've vomited, but I start getting nauseous about halfway through every infusion, and it usually lasts the night. Try asking the nurses to slow the drip down. I've found that slowing down the drip almost always keeps the nausea from getting worse, and my GI prescribed me some Zofran ODT to have on hand at home so I can take them as needed after infusions.
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Di they give you benadryl? That had made me nauseous in the past
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20 Infusions of remicade to date, I get premeds of Benadryl and a steroid. Never an issue with nausea.
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