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View Poll Results: Have you gotten your hiatal hernia removed?
Yes- I don't regret it! 0 0%
Yes- I completely regret it! 1 11.11%
Nope- but I want to. 0 0%
Nope- I don't want to 4 44.44%
Don't have a hiatal hernia 4 44.44%
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Hiatal hernia poll!

I'm 18 and have a hiatal hernia. My GI and ENT have diff opinions in weather mine should be removed. One thinks yes and the other says no. I'm terrified if I have to get it removed! I'm so scared! I heard the recovery time is terrible and the pain is bad too?
Have you gotten yours removed or just have one?
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Fixing a hiatal hernia has a high rate of failure. Not that it causes more complications, but that once it its fixed, it doesn't stay that way for long. Many times, another herniation forms near the area of the repair. I would go with the advice of whoever would be actually performing the surgery and then get a second opinion from the same type of surgeon.
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I had the Esophyx procedure, thought it would help with my symptoms, didnt help.
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Since my resection 11-25-13 I no longer have hiatal hernia symptoms.
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I have a hiatal hernia and severe GERD. My GI says that my hernia is "small and sliding" so it may not be the main cause of my GERD symptoms. Because of that, we've decided not to operate on it at this time. If things change then I'll be more open to the idea in the future. I've heard a few horror stories about the Nissen fundoplication surgery though, and I have also read that they're developing new ways of fixing hiatal hernias, so for now I'm happy to wait for newer, better surgeries/treatments to come along.
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I have a hiatal hernia still.
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