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Post surgery crohn's disease is diagnosed

Hi All......Below is the report I got from doctor after discharging from the hospital Post Surgery. And they have confirmed I have crohn's disease and I have to take medicines 2 to 3 years to not occur Crohn's again in future.
Exploratory Laprotomy + Adhesiolysis resection of ileo ascending colon + ileotransverse colon, EEA Under general aneasthesia on 05/06/2014. Drain inserted and abdomen closed on layeers.

Post-Op was uneventful.
Post-OP patient shifted to ICCU for observation started on
Inj: Piptaz, Inj.Metrogyl, Inj.Pan/Inj : Tramadol and supportive care. Regular drains were monitored and treatment continued. Inview of minimal drain drains were removed. Patient shifted towards allowed soft diet, well tolerated, No distension passing stools & flatus . Treatment continued.

Patient improved and was hemodynamically stable at the time of discharge.
Doctor told me that 25 cms of part of my intestine was removed. And as per the above report ileo ascending colon and ileotransverse colon was removed.

Although my surgery was done Exactly 5 months back i.e. on June 5, 2014, Still sometimes I have to go hurriedly to bathroom. When ever I sleep, I am feeling like part of my intestine is moving may be bowels.

Because of removing these main parts of Large intestine, How it affects the Digestion System. Is there any care I can take to improve my digestion system.
FYI...Doctor told me that it will take 2-3 years to become normal.

Can I become normal early by doing exercise.
Also I lost 10 kgs of weight because of surgery. I want to build my body again. Can I lift low weights in GYM to build my body.

Thanks in Advance
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Hi Krishna,

Exercise is very important. Check with the doctor but I see no reason to stay away from the gym. I have an ileostomy and have always been active in sports. I don't know that exercise will get your digestive system back to normal any faster but it can't hurt.

Sending you my support.
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