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Bob from Midwest
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Can't sleep on stomach, Why?

Good evening,

I have found that when I sleep on my stomach, I wake in the middle of the night with a very heavy chest and sometimes, gut pain. When I sleep on my back, I feel more and less fine. I sometimes feel when I wake, I have that rhaspy "crud in my lungs" feeling for the first few breaths after getting up, then I'm fine. Is this anyone else's experience? Thanks.
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I find when I'm in flare, I can't sleep on my stomach at all and it provokes cramps that send me to the washroom. I think it's probably just because of all the inflammation happening internally, and making it more sensitive.

Otherwise, your lungs probably aren't able to expand as fully as they normally would be able to.

When I'm on my back, I find that my mouth sometimes falls open when I'm sleeping and then I have the absolute worst taste in my mouth, but I never really feel like there's something wrong with my lungs, specifically. Maybe you could mention it to your GP? Since that sounds a bit unusual, and also like it would be unrelated to IBD to me.
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I'd always find when I had pain and general indigestion sleeping on my stomach would generally ease the symptoms.

It stands to reason that pressure on your abdomen, and just good old fashioned gravity would have an effect.
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