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Possible abscesses

For the last few months I have found pockets of blood and puss on my abdomen. They have always popped, discharged and then healed. I wasn't having water retention problems for a little while and I stopped getting them. Now I'm retaining water again and wouldn't you know I found another one. It isn't puss that's coming out of this one, it's water. If I squeeze certain parts of my abdomen, water comes out like a sponge. I've told my doctors this before, no one wants to believe me. They think I'm making excuses for my weight. I know I'm in a pretty unique situation, but has anyone dealt with anything similar?
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Can't you show your doctors the water coming out? I've had doctors refuse to believe me about all sorts of things, but things they can see for themselves are harder for them to deny.

I had an appointment yesterday where I was showing the doctor the pus currently coming out of my re-opened surgery incision - it's so much easier with symptoms doctors can see, as oppose to symptoms where you can only explain how they feel.

Or is the problem that these abscesses heal before you get to see a doctor?

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