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Imuran Photosensitivity

Did you guys know that Imuran (azathioprine) makes your skin photosensitive? I found out the hard way. I have sunburn straight from hell, and don't remember reading that in the pharmacy paperwork obviously.

Not sure what other typical Crohn's meds do the same thing, but damn - read your handouts with your meds!
(Thanks you Kimmie for alerting me to this little item that I should have already known. Ugh... my frikin eyelids itch...)
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Hm, maybe that's why I get tons (and I mean TONS) of little itty-bitty blisters when I'm out in the sun? They don't hurt, though. They itch a little, but they're usually always gone by the next day. I went to see a doc about it, and they couldn't figure it out. O.o
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Hey MBH, I'm glad you mentioned that. I didn't know it either. I've noticed that since my Imuran was increased to 150 about 10 days ago, my sun-exposed skin areas seem to be really itchy and sometimes getting itty bitty bumps on them. I bet that is from the sun! Hope your sunburn feels better soon!

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