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Wasted dose of humira! What schedule to do?

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. My fiancee's sister has Crohn's disease and has been on Humira for a while now. She usually has a friend administer her injections every 2 weeks but he was out of town so my fiancee tried it and to make a long story short they both freaked out and spilled the dose. I know that Humira will sometimes replace the pens as she has had one other instance where she wasted a dose because she forgot to refrigerate it and they kindly replaced it. Her last shot was about 2.5 weeks ago and she has one shot to last the next 3.5 weeks. My question is should we:
1. Take the shot now to try and stay as close to the every 2 week schedule and then try and get a replacement, or
2. Just take the shot next week, making this round of injections be approx 3 weeks apart, resuming the normal 2 week schedule when the new prescription is filled.

Anybody have any advice or personal experience? Will 3 weeks make a huge difference? Humira is expensive but not nearly as expensive as a hospital bill and sending her out of remission. We have tried to call Humira but they are closed on the weekends!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, any help is much appreciated!
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I would call the Gi on call
They can tell her when to give the next dose .
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You can also call the Humira hotline 24/7 and speak to a Humira nurse:
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When you say spilled the dose: did it actually manage to inject in her? Or did it misfire completely and waste the dose?

If it missed completely, I'd say to do it now and then continue as normal.
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