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Daily Vomiting (urgent)

Hello, this is my first post here. I am currently admitted to a hospital for my anorexia, have been here for almost a year now, and my crohns has become worse and worse. Now I am on a liquid diet consistent of modulen and fresubin. Since I had 9 slices of bread a day + dinner, that made it so unbearable with pain that I could not stand it.

My main problem now is that I vomit once I eat, everything with extreme stomach pains and fatigue. So I was wondering what is wrong, I am gradually getting worse and worse and losing a lot of weight. My current medication is 150mg imurel and 9mg entocort.

Any input would be appropriate
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Hi Turbo and welcome.

I am so sorry to hear what you're going through. Just awful.
Has a GI specialist come in to see you? Your situation is far more complex than I have answers or even suggestions for.

I hope this gets figured out. Sending you my support.
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Vomiting immediately after liquid diet meals with weight loss is a serious medical condition that warrants serious medical attention. Unfortunately there are some things that the internet can't provide. I can at least suggest that you also talk to a qualified nutritionist at the hospital.
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Thanks for the support DJW, means a lot. I have not seen a GI. The Norwegian health system is fortunately free, but not extremely good. The real MC. I am aware that it might be serious so I scheduled a appointment with a GI the 12th of desember, but I have manged with this for 3 weeks now. Thanks for the responses, means a lot.
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Vomiting can be a sometimes be a sign of intestinal blockage, you may need heavy treatment for your crohn's.

Also, look into the specific carbohydrate diet and The book breaking the vicious cycle, it may help reduce some symptoms. basically reduce lactose and sucrose intake, and avoid some carbs from corn, potatoes. i can control almost all symptoms of diarhea with this. Also, try meds for crohn's, talk to your doctor.
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