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Tired all the time?


My name's Meg and I haven't used this forum in over 4 years, hence my embarrassing 16 year old username 'Megz'. I had a hemicolectomy in June 2010 and only had a small flare up with a bout of steroids in 2012 and had previously been happy just on Azathioprine.

I'm a university student studying to be a primary teacher and I've just been told that I'm having a flare up again with 25cm of ulcers in the resected part of my bowel, which I'm aware is quite a small flare up. However my main issue at the moment is with fatigue and it's having a large impact on my life.

I'm constantly tired, with some days it feels almost impossible to leave my bed. I feel like it's affected who I am, and I feel like I'm a dull shell of myself lately. I struggle eating 'healthy' food such as vegetables and high fibre energy foods as it irritates my bowels and I have, frustratingly, at times have turned to fizzy drinks as a source of energy.

I was wondering if there's any other people who struggle with tiredness at my age and how they've dealt with this. Does diet help?

Thanks for anyone who can help.
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Hi Megz, oh I can certainly relate to embarrassing usernames, I have several on other websites relating to a Lord of The Rings craze many a year ago!

I am going to suggest a couple of things here.

Firstly, what is the treatment plan for your current situation, as it seems the Aza is perhaps not enough?

Secondly, have you had recent bloods done such as Iron, B12 etc to check for any deficiencies, which can usually be helped if not corrected with prescription strength supplements.

I would not recommend self diagnosing or self treating with over the counter supplements because they are just not powerful enough generally speaking.

Thirdly, I will point you in the direction of an excellent support group for sufferers of Extreme Fatigue
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Hey stargirrrl ,

Currently I am waiting on biopsy results from the colonoscopy I recently had. They said they were presumably going to put me on some form of medication after, but they have not suggested I do anything in the meantime, even though I aired my issue of fatigue.

I have blood tests every 3 months, and I also have to have b12 injections so that cannot be the issue, and so far nothing has been mentioned about iron deficiencies from previous results. My next blood test will be in 2 weeks, and I have had anaemia before, although I have never had a big issue with tiredness with it.

Thanks, I'll definitely take a look at the group.
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I'd also push to have vitamin D levels checked
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Hey there Megz, I'm sorry to hear fatigue is bothering you so severely. I understand what you are going through and I agree with all of the above comments.

I'd also like to add the following: Getting adequate, quality rest is also a contributor to some fatigue. Also consider that the treatment and surgeries you have had will affect you long-term with regards to your energy. Is this something that your doctors have discussed with you? Aza can cause fatigue and b12 deficiencies (b12 absorption happens near where the colon and small intestine meet) as well as iron deficiencies are well known causes of fatigue.

One last thing, if you are currently flaring, your illness can definitely bring on larger amounts of fatigue as your body is fighting hard to heal itself. When you allow yourself rest, your body is able to use the majority of it's energy towards repairing itself rather than walking about, doing chores, going about your day as normal. It's unfortunately a vicious cycle at times because too much rest and or unmanaged fatigue contributes to prolonging the issue.

Also, I still deal with a bit of fatigue here and there even though I am in remission. I too get b12 injections monthly and I have come to realize that this is just a normal part of my life now. My body is not what it used to be and I will have to allow myself more rest than it needed before I ever became sick. Getting older in general doesn't help the situation either

(P.S. If you don't like your username anymore you can always contact an admin and see if they are able to change it for you . Take care and I hope you start feeling better soon! )
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It's good that you're getting B12 injections but that doesn't guarantee the level will stay normal all the time
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It is so good to be hearing that other people have the same problems that I do. A little over a month ago my doctor put me on omeprazal and it made the meat any that I was on not work. I ended up in a major flare up that left me with low iron and pottasium. I have been so tired all the time but with four kids I don't get the rest that I need. so I just hope these new pills will be enough to stop the flare up. until then I guess I have to keep pushing on.
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Ive had a lot of fatigue. My primary just pointed out that both fatigue and sleep disturbances can be related to vitamin D deficiency (which wwe know I have) as well as the flare Im currently in. If youve not had vitamin D checked, Id suggest asking about it as wwell
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I agree with aideen I suffer terribly with fatigue and my vitamin d level was really low when I got my blood results back. Although I have to say I was given supplements and I can't say they made a lot of difference to me.

I've had to realise that this is just something that I'll have to deal with as much as possible. I get 2 days off a week and once I've taken my daughter to school I tend to get in bed and just rest while she's away. Sometimes just a few hours laying down watching a film or reading a book is enough to give me a bit of a boost. Its hard find the time sometimes but if I don't do it I really notice the difference.
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Hey Meg,

I well remember you and your Mum!

I agree fully with what has already been said but judging by the date I think I am too late with the suggestions this time round as you have likely already had the bloods drawn??

Do you know what your B12 level is?

Definitely have Vit D checked and also have them levels for Magensium and Zinc too.

Be sure and get copies of the results.

Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

Dusty. xxx
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