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Will I ever be healthy enough for pregnancy?

I have had Crohn's since I was 9. Haven't ever really been in remission. I have been through all of the biologics, and am now on Entyvio. Otherwise, I am very healthy and haven't had to have surgery yet. I'm 31 and my husband and I want kids. We have been trying for almost a year and a half with no luck. Even had three IUIs. I know I am sick, and that is probably the reason we haven't gotten pregnant, but my Gastro says to keep trying. I have been thoroughly checked out otherwise and have no fertility issues. She feels as though this will be as good as it gets for me.

Sometimes I'm terrified it will never happen. That I will always be too sick to get pregnant. All I want is a few months off from this disease to have a child. Does anyone else worry about this? Has anyone had kids through this constant illness that can give me hope?
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Hi Memmy29. There are many members with Crohn's who were able to conceive during a flare. Many often mention going into remission during pregnancy as well.

I'm 32 and will be trying some point soon so don't have any personal advice. It took my sister over a year to finally conceive after stopping the pill (she has Crohn's as well). For some people it's real easy and for others it can take a while IBD or not.

Has your husband been tested as well to check his sperm count ect?
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He has. His counts are borderline due to type 2 diabetes. Hopefully Entyvio will get me healthy, but I'm running out of hope.
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Memmy29, wishing you all the best.

What testing have you had done?
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The works- HSG of my uterus and tubes, clomid challenge test to check egg reserve, and I have very regular periods and ovulations.
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Hey there, as a man I am probably not really suited to post much about it... just wishing you the best of luck. From all I know, Crohn's shouldn't really interfere with getting pregnant, but sometimes I just doesn't happen that easy for a couple. As your doc said, just keep your fingers crossed and keep trying.
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Hey you can get pregnant during a flare i was having a flare both times i got pregnant. My first being pegnant actually brought me into remission. My second i had to go on endicort but i have two healthy girls so keep your head up and keep trying.
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Hey guys - just an update: I'm 5 weeks pregnant! I know it's early and anything can happen, but I'm somehow relieved. Thanks for all the support.
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Congrats! I hope you stay healthy and have a worry free pregnancy.
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Congratulations! How exciting!

It shouldn't matter if your 5 wks or 3 months.
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Sending lots of sticky healthy vibes your way !!!
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Congratulations! I was pretty ill when I found out I was pregnant with my so but I did not have an official diagnosis until after he was born. I felt amazing during the pregnancy! I wish you the best of luck!

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