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Fistulas and Probiotics

Just wondering if anyone else experiences this. I have PA and RV fistulas. I have noticed when I take probiotics/yogurt, the next day my fistulas are inflamed and pussey. It is really aggravating so I stop the probiotics. I was wondering if the increase in bacteria is bothering my fistulas. I find when I drink red wine (anti-bacterial) the puss and inflammation stops and the fistulas become quiet again.

It is just a weird pattern I noticed and wonder if this happens to others.

Also I notice a lot of alcohol makes me have watery D. When I don't drink my stool firms up a bit.
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It's been awhile since I've had fistulas (thankfully). I hadn't thought of that connection before...very interesting.

I've found the same thing with alcohol.
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Even good bacteria may aggravate you if it's not part of your normal gut flora. Maybe your body isn't accepting it and it drains out through the fistulas and aggravates them. Totally speculating and have no basis for this but wanted to help you brain storm.

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