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Happy Update

Insurance finally figured out their stupidness and my doctor convinced them that yes she does indeed know what shes doing and yes indeed i did need humira

So my supplies will arrive just in time for me to stay on schedule for my shots Yay!

Never in my life did I anticipate being *happy* that i will be allowed to give myself a shot lol
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Yay! Congrats, I know too well how sucky insurance can be and I'm glad you manger to get it approved, and in time.
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Ahhh, I'm so glad! Humira has been a miracle drug for me, and I hope it is for you, too.
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I am so hopeful. Doc has been of the opinion from the getgo that it was where we were headed with me, but we couldnt get insurance to cover at all until i had tried Imuran without effect. she thinks this might actually be the thing that gets me to some kind of remission so im keeping my fingers crossed
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Grats!, I am sorry some people are fighting Insurance companies. I am blessed to work for one of the top 10 software companies in the country thus when I ordered Humira they didn't even blink. Other than contacting my Dr. for the prescription.
Diagnosed 2003
5-ASA- failed
Imuran-failed with a strange reaction-paralysis
Remicade- failed with infusion reaction.
Mesalamine-another failure
Entecourt - fail- no help.
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